Safe Space Policy

The Women’s International Leadership (WIL) Conference is an intersectional feminist conference, which aims at promoting social justice, gender equality, and human rights. In order to achieve these goals, we believe this conference has to be as inclusive as possible, which makes us stronger and helps us in having more accurate solutions to the situations addressed. WIL is a platform for an open and honest discussion, that advocates for supportiveness and understanding, and discourages judgement, competition, and minimising other people’s opinion. In order to make everyone feel safe and welcome in our space, here are some guidelines.

  1. Racism, ageism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism, as well as discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, class, gender identity, gender presentation, language ability, asylum status, or religious affiliation is unacceptable.
  2. Be aware of the language you use in discussion, and how you relate to others.
  3. Be aware of the space you take up and the positions and privileges you bring, including racial, class and gender privilege.
  4. Avoid assuming the opinions and identifications of other participants.
  5. Respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries.
  6. The conference endeavors as much as is feasible to ensure that meeting spaces are as accessible as possible to the widest range of people.
  7. Foster a spirit of mutual respect: listen to the wisdom everyone brings to the group, and give each person the time and space to speak.
  8. If someone violates these agreements a discussion or mediation process can happen, depending on the wishes of the person who was violated. If a serious violation happens to the extent that someone feels unsafe, they can be asked to leave the space and/or speak with a person nominated by those present.
  9. Whilst ground rules are collective responsibility, everyone is also personally responsible for their own behaviour. Suggestions to make our safe space safer are always welcome


WIL Conference is an intersectional feminist conference which aims to raise awareness on gender inequality, unleash the potential of its participants by identifying obstacles and teaching concrete skills, herewith contributing to a more equal world for all genders.

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